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DUI Cases in San Diego

Why Should I Hire a Private San Diego DUI Lawyer, Jon Pettis, if I Admitted that I was Driving Drunk and my BAC was High?

This is heard more in DUI cases than probably any other type of charge. There are many amazing stories that can  be told about cases we have won that caught us by surprise. The simple fact is that a DUI case cannot be properly evaluated until the police reports are received and carefully reviewed.  Sometimes a technical issues such as the jurisdiction are hidden until we get the reports. Recently we won a memorable case even though our client had no memory of what he said to the officer at the time of arrest. It turned out that there was no proof of volitional movement of the car our client was driving.  In those types of cases, our clients have all but given up!  And then we receive the copy of the police report, “round table” the case among our lawyers, and our team came up with successful defense. We emphasize that what we can do for you today will help you in the future. We do not want you to regret not getting a good lawyer to help you.

In most cases, you may feel that you told the Cop everything, you failed the tests and you had a high BAC well over the .08% legal limit in a DUI case. There is a story behind every case that can help you. A good lawyer who is respected in the Court can bring out your good qualities to the judge and the prosecutor. You do not want to hire a strange lawyer that nobody knows. When San Diego Defenders strongly advocate for you, their client, your story can make a difference between you keeping your job or your ability to get another job in this tough economy.  We will help your family to understand, and we will discuss how to prepare and what you can do to make a good impression on the judge before the first court date.

When we represent our clients, we make sure that the prosecutor knows what makes your case different. For Example,  recently, we persuaded the prosecutor to call our client’s military recruiter to confirm that our client was ready to join a special program in the military. That may not seem remarkable, however, our client was under 21 and his BAC was .13! He was not able to enter the specific military program if he had a DUI or wet reckless on his record. Remarkably, the prosecutor showed compassion and helped us  to persuade the judge to allow the young man to plead guilty to a dry reckless which changed his life. He is now a proud member of the military. It can happen to you. It could happen to your kid!

DUI Cases

San Diego Defenders is the county’s premier DUI law firm with experienced San Diego Criminal Lawyers who have accumulated years of experiences successfully defending clients with DUI cases.

Make no mistake about it; DUI cases are a serious matter that can affect different aspects of your life. We have prepared extensive materials for you to read through, but if you or a loved one were stopped for a misdemeanor DUI in San Diego, call our San Diego DUI expert immediately at (619) 258-8888. Do not make any statements or pay bail before consulting with us. No matter the circumstances, we will mount the most effective defense for you and attempt to avoid a misdemeanor DUI conviction.

Below you will find links to DUI cases to assist you understand your situation a little better. We love informed clients and have tried to be as thorough as possible on all the implications of DUI cases in San Diego:

DUI in San Diego (applies to all of California – call us and we’ll help you)

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Underage DUI

Felony DUI

Hit and Run

DUI with GBI

DUI as a strike – California Three Strikes Law

Vehicular Manslaughter

DWI (Other States)

We know you must feel anxious at this point, call our San Diego Criminal Lawyers right away before you make any mistake that will be difficult to correct (619) 258-8888.

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