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San Diego Defenders | DUI Attorney Daniel Smith
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 13 reviews
by Eduardo Flores on San Diego Defenders | DUI Attorney Daniel Smith
The right person to defend you

In such adverse circumstances,when they arrive and hurt your family, is when you need the right person to defend you.
When that moment came to our family God guided me with Dan and his defenders, to defend our son, giving us a family and professional treatment according to ours needs and possibilities.
We highly recommend the attorney Daniel Smith and his team for their excellent and professional work.
We are grateful. Thank you!

by Susan on San Diego Defenders | DUI Attorney Daniel Smith

My son's case was not as involved as most Attorney Dan Smith represents. My son's two pieces of luggage were seized at the border near San Diego by CBP. He was sent over 2,000 miles to his home area but his luggage was left behind with CBP saying they will be destroyed in 30 days. After a couple of weeks of failed attempts on my part to have the luggage returned, Mr. Dan Smith was able to get favorable results in less than 24 hours and send the two pieces of luggage to my son at his home address over 2,000 miles. Although most of Mr. Smith's cases are much more involved, with serious life changing consequences than this one, he knew how important it was to my son and me for the clothing, etc. be returned. He is caring, competent, and professional. I wish he was located in my area. San Diego is very fortunate to have Dan Smith, attorney, in their area. I will always be grateful for his services. For me, Mr. Smith was a Godsend.

by john h on San Diego Defenders | DUI Attorney Daniel Smith
excellent advice and understanding of military law

Thanks Dan, Called and got you personally and you gave excellent advice for an unfortunate situation. The way you already knew how a person must feel and calmed me down really helped a lot and you answered questions quickly as if you knew what I was going to ask already.

Thanks so much again and thanks for what you do and know for service members especially.

by Tom Krizman on San Diego Defenders | DUI Attorney Daniel Smith
Honor & Integrity

I had the pleasure of meeting Dan while providing my transporting service from Tucson International to Nogales, Arizona. Since it took a little over an hour of driving, I had an opportunity to get to know Dan.

What impressed me with him was his honor and integrity. I admire those traits, and don't run into them as often as I would like. Dan was also very generous with a gratuity. It was my pleasure spending time with Dan, and I told him, if I ever needed a great lawyer, I now knew where to find one. I am not easily impressed, but I know a quality human being when I find one. Dan is most definitely a quality individual.

by Eric H. on San Diego Defenders | DUI Attorney Daniel Smith

Mr.Smith led me through every step in a situation where I have never experienced. He was very helpful by breaking down every piece of the investigation and analyzed it with 100% effort. I never felt he didn't care nor that he was rushing through it. I knew he did everything he can and we got the best result from the judge. I am thankful and blessed to have had someone like Mr. Smith work on my case.

by Jeanne W. on San Diego Defenders | DUI Attorney Daniel Smith
Case Appealed

My husband and I would recommend Dan Smith and his team to anyone facing a confusing legal situation. We have hire Dan to represent us with our son. He was always available when we called. After a year of working with Dan he clearly helped to reverse a lot of extra legal expense and punishment. Dan was focused and involved in all social aspects that we faced with our son. Dan provided knowledge and helped us to trust the process of accepting that our son would have a chance to a fair hearing. His strategies involved his ability to carry out all the objectives that he had planned. Dan was assertive when confronting the legal opposition when necessary. We have the utmost praise for Dan Smith, federal criminal attorney. Thank you Dan.

by A. Jones on San Diego Defenders | DUI Attorney Daniel Smith
Thank You!

As I read testimonials it brought tears to my eyes not for me but the many lives that Dan and his team have touched.

I am a professional in the workplace. However, my circumstances of actual theft made me out to be a common criminal. I was wrong. I didn't know or understand what or why I was doing things to break the law. What I did know is that I was tired. I wanted to go to jail. I know you say well, if you wanted to go jail stay with a public defender. Well, a part of me wanted to be here for my minor children. It was that part that put some fight in me for my life. i was facing over 11 counts of theft 4 of them felonies. I never had faith in the San Diego legal system but after this ordeal and the way Dan and Alan handled the specifics of my case, I have a different perspective. Here's the kicker. Even after I am given 6 months house arrest while keeping my job, Another of Dan's colleagues comes to recoup jewelry that belonged to my daughter. The judge over this issue was a jerk. I told him never mind, the in "your face your nothing more than a common criminal" was too much for me especially when I made just as she did. But oh no my attorney wouldn't let it go. He said what Layla said. Your property will just sit in storage lets get it back to your daughter. The bottom line is instead of doing 4 years in prison i still have my job and a new start with my children who have their dad. The service that Dan offers is more than affordable, it's priceless

by Jimmy on San Diego Defenders | DUI Attorney Daniel Smith

On A Very Bad Summer Week - End around Mid -Night 2012... I got a DUI ...Coming from a friends home... 1.9 BAC.. Racing around Speeding 0 -70 in seconds - Twice before caught up too...charges reduced to the First time Min..... Then a Terrible Mistake Driving with a Suspended Licence with a DUI was Toss out... SD Defenders are very nice to work with in these hard times and made is as easy as they could... Thanks so Very Much from Jimmy of San Diego

by Anonymous on San Diego Defenders | DUI Attorney Daniel Smith
Felony Strike Dismissed

"Dan Smith the Absolute Best Criminal Lawyer In California" I was arrested at a club in downtown San Diego for fighting (P.C 243 Battery). It was a Felony Strike Battery with Serious Bodily Harm. I was looking at a sentence of 2-3-4 years in a state prison. During the arrest I was already on probation from a previous battery in North County, which I made the mistake of going with a no name lawyer and just wasted my money. I knew this time around I needed to make the best investment of a lawyer possible or I was going to be facing probation violation and a strike with time served. I asked around for the best lawyer 3 people I asked recommended Dan Smith. I immediately called him and he scheduled me for a personal face to face meeting. Walking into the office I immediately felt I knew I was in the right spot. Dan worked the case and explained all avenues of approach with me, he was the most stand up lawyer I have ever encountered and I been under care from 3 lawyers previous to him. Dan worked with the DA hand to hand and tried to get me the best deal possible but the DA would not budge enough for my liking or Dans we decided to take it to Prelim.The next few weeks Dan worked with me and anytime I needed him he was just a phone call away. We then were going into Prelim and Dan had told me "Judges are known to bind over a ham sandwich so do not be discouraged when the case gets sent to trial." Dan kept me calm and cool and then we entered the court room. We were in court for about 3 hours and he literally destroyed the other parties defense, (A police officer) (The alleged victim) (Bouncer from the club) and (Attorney). He found holes and mistakes in all of their statements reports and comments. After calling my witnesses to the stand and the alleged victim, the Judge turned around to the alleged victim and said "you are lucky you are standing here today with us and this man did not hurt you even more." The Judge then said he would not bind over the charged and dismissed my (P.C 243 D Felony Battery w. Serious Bodily Harm) right there on the spot. I walked out in tears thanking Dan for his righteousness and ability to provide the best service I have ever seen. I was never brought back to court and he was able to stop any issues from the probation violation. On top of the perfect service he provided me with an amazing payment plan which fit my income. HAT OFF TO YOU SIR THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I WILL STAND NEXT TO YOU IN COURT ANY DAY!! Do not go anywhere else this is who you want to represent you.

by L. Lopez on San Diego Defenders | DUI Attorney Daniel Smith
More Than Just A Defense Firm

Words can not do justice for the help that San Diego Defenders gave me when I needed it the most. Although I have not dealt with any attorneys in the past, there is no doubt in my mind that Dan, Layla,and Mr. Pettis are the best that there is. Not only were they able to get my case dismissed, they were there every step of the way to help reassure me everything was going to be ok. They worked with me when I had financial troubles to establish a payment plan that worked and was affordable to me. I never felt that I wasn't being taken care of. Layla was available every time I called to help advise me in my legal matters. They made me feel as if I had my own personal law firm that I could get help from whenever I needed it, but more than that they made me feel like a friend or family member when attending to my case. Dan and Layla are more than just attorneys, they are members of the South Bay community. They believe in their community and defending the people that need it. In all sincerity, the San Diego Defender team truly cares about the people that they help. I would give them my highest recommendation possible. Overall, they are just about the best people you could meet.

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