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24 Hour Accessibility to Speak with Licensed San Diego Criminal Lawyer – An Attorney Who Cares About You and Your Family!

After business hours or on weekends, simply dial the (619) 258-8888 and the answering service will take your information and patch you through to Attorney Daniel Smith to discuss your case. You can explain in a confidential conversation what happened.  If the lawyer is not available, he will call you back immediately. Put your mind at ease and get real legal advice from a lawyer so you can decide if you want to set a meeting at our comfortable and easy to find office. Our large conference room makes it easy to bring the family and friends so that a decision to act can be made quickly  after the nature of the legal problem has been explained by a lawyer on our team. After all, you would not make a decision to have an operation after meeting with the nurses assistant. Most people want to talk to the doctor that is performing the surgery. It is common sense that you would want to talk to an actual lawyer. During regular business hours you can call us directly at (619) 233-6900.

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