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San Diego County DUI Programs:

Occupational Health Services DUI Program
1050 Los Vallecitos Boulevard, #109
San Marcos, CA 92069
PHONE: (760) 752-5300

ECS East County ACCORD DUI Program
7474 El Cajon Blvd.
La Mesa, CA 91941
(619) 741-8147

SDSU Central District DUI Program
9245 Sky Park Court, #101
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 467-6810

MAAC Project DUI Program
1355 Third Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91911
(619) 409-1780

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Clearing up Old Warrants

We at San Diego Defenders get quite a few calls at the beginning of the year from people that do not want to be arrested on an old warrant. Makes sense to start out the New Year with a clean slate.

If you are reading this and live in San Diego County, you can go to our website and click our “Warrants” link appropriately placed on our links tab on the top tool bar. There just type in any variation of your name, or that of a friend and check to see if there is an outstanding warrant. That you can do without even having to pick up the phone, and No, the Sheriff will not trace where or who checks on warrants. So check away!

Since we handle cases in many counties across California, you can usually Google the county name and warrants. Look for the site which is for that particular county as it is unusual in most other counties to find it on a lawyers website like we place it on .

Okay, once you have located the name you are looking for (and be sure to check the corresponding date of birth usually listed), you should note the bail amount and if it is a “mandatory appearance” warrant.

Then call us at (619) 258-8888 and you can get connected directly to attorney, Daniel Smith, and if successful, I might suggest you call the office directly at (619) 233-6900 to discuss what can be done. Sometimes it can be complicated, so do not be offended that I want you to call me at the office – you know answering services charge by the minute and it gets expensive!

However, there are generally two routes to take in misdemeanor warrants. The first is to post the bond (we can recommend the most economical Bond company) and then, if you retain San Diego Defenders, we can arrange to go to court without you. That is right, without you having to go to court! Whew, what a relief! From there we will negotiate the case or litigate the case, depending on the reason a warrant was issued. Usually bench warrants, a term you may hear, are issued because you did not show up for court, or you need to be reassigned to a program. Either way, let’s take it head on and resolve it.

We have handled thousands of warrant recalls and in some cases, can do the recall without posting bail. Just be honest with us when you call, and we will tell you if we think that is possible. However, posting bail is easiest, because then you have some time to make an appointment with us before your court date comes up and when you retain our firm, we can be there for you.

Felony warrants are a different animal, starting with the fact that our client must come to court with us. But, do not hesitate to get these warrants cleared up. Many times, an alleged crime may be charged as a felony, but later reduced to a misdemeanor just in negotiations. We have a very good success rate in doing. Our experience, knowledge and reputation for vigorously defending our clients is the reason we have the best success rate for reducing felonies to misdemeanors.

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Bail Bond Companies in San Diego

The world of Bail Bonds can be confusing at a time when the person posting the bond is most vulnerable. If you your loved one is in jail, they want out! When they are in jail, they say things like, “I think they are going to get me in here!” ” I can’t stay another minute in here!” The people in here are not like me, I’m scared! ….Please get me out!” Then there is the simple fact that many people have jobs, and they need to get out to keep their job. Jobs are very, very important. Getting out of jail as soon as is possible takes a very capable and reliable bail bondsman.

The first thing a person trying to help the person in jail or “arrestee” is that the bail is set according to a set “bail schedule” according to the charges that were contemplated by the arresting officer. For instance, if you view the video entitled “Misdemeanor vs. Felony” at you will learn that it may depend on what an officer considers is a serious injury. A fat lip that requires stitches is minor to one officer and major to another. The difference could be $1,600 for a misdemeanor DUI or $50,000 for a felony DUI with great bodily injury (GBI). What a difference!

The next thing to remember is that bail bond company may charge in the range of 8% to 10% depending on the nature of the charges and the arrestee. That charge is to post the entire amount so that you do not have to post the entire bond amount. So if you have been in the community a long time, own a home, or have excellent credit, it could make a big difference to the bail bond company. Here is a short list of the things a bail bondsman may want to know:

1. Name and date of birth of Arrestee,

2. How long you have lived in the community and if the arrestee has prior convictions,

3. Are you asking for a discount (you never know unless you ask) it may be military, referral (from San Diego Defenders) or AAA etc,

4. Are you asking for a payment plan and do you already have a lawyer.

We have provided this list of bail bond companies for your convenience. Please let them know you were referred by San Diego Defenders. Many of these companies will offer you a discount if you ask for one, but you must request it. Often, discounts of up to 20% are available for clients represented by San Diego Defenders. We try our best to personally interview each and every bail bond company in the area. Please call us if you want our recommendation for your particular situation at (619) 258-8888 to speak with an attorney.

In San Diego, we recommend:


ACME Bail Bonds


Aladdin Bail Bonds


Remedy Bail Bonds