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State Crimes

State Criminal Violations California under Penal Code, Health & Safety Code, Vehicle Code

Criminal Code violations in California began as just Penal Code violations but later expanded into new sections. The most common example is that a DUI used to be a Penal Code Section 502 or a “deuce” in police jargon according to “Police” magazine. In 1981, MADD used it’s considerable influence to establish a legal limit of .10% BAC as a presumption of intoxication. And so it goes, different lobbyist groups have continually influenced a state legislature to expand the definition of criminal offenses into such code sections as Health & Safety which criminalizes  all things drugs, Business & Professions Code dealing with professional services and even paraphernalia such as needles and pipes, and Government Code which commonly addresses violations of government services and protected information. Penal Code defines statutes for violent crimes such as assault and domestic violence and reaches into the use of computers in section 502 where DUI’s once resided. Will all that said, law firms such as ours, must be familiar with all the different code sections, the penalties and the affects on our client’s life after being charged with a crime in any California State Code which carries a possible term of imprisonment whether that is in County Jail or State Prison. San Diego Defenders is recognized by prosecutors and judges alike as a respected law firm that will fight for you.
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