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Proposition 47

Proposition 47 – Getting Your Felony Reduced to a Misdemeanor

Earlier this month, Californians passed Prop 47. It changes a number of crimes that used to be felonies into misdemeanors. It was meant to help people who have felony records for relatively minor offenses be able to have those felonies reduced to misdemeanors.

Prop 47 allows people with certain felony records to ask the Court to change their convictions into misdemeanors on their records. Felonies on your record can be a huge problem. It can mean not being able to get a job, receive public assistance, get student aid and even means you cannot vote or own a gun or ammunition.

The type of cases involved include shoplifting, forgery, writing bad checks, petty theft, receiving stolen property, petty theft with a prior conviction and some drug possession charges. Some people will not be allowed to get out of prison if they are registered sex offenders or have prior convictions for serious or violent felonies.

The Court is already establishing a procedure for people to have their felonies reduced to misdemeanors. Many people have already applied. Everyoner who qualifies should take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of your felony record. If you or someone you care about needs to clear up their record, they should hire an attorney to get the process started right away. The longer you wait, the longer the delay is going to be with the Court. You also want a lawyer so the forms are done properly and completely to avoid being turned down or having to apply again.

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