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DWI Lawyer San Diego

DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated and is a term no longer used in California which favors DUI (Driving Under the Influence). If you are from San Diego, please follow this link that will take you directly to our Driving Under the Influence page.

If you are from any other state, feel free to call for a free initial consultation and we will direct you to one of our colleagues who we feel will best represent you. A DWI can have grave consequences in your life, do not let time go by or make any statement that may hurt you later.

If you or a loved one were stopped for a DWI, call our offices immediately at (619) 258-8888. Do not make any statements or pay bail before consulting with us. No matter the circumstances, we will refer a lawyer who will work hard to avoid a DWI conviction. If you have any additional questions, please contact our San Diego Criminal Lawyer for a free consultation 619-258-8888.

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