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DUI Case Results


(All results verifiable through San Diego Superior Court records)

Charges Details  Result
DUI Jury Trial .18% BAC, rollover accident NOT GUILTY ALL CHARGES
DUI Jury Trial .16% BAC, multi-car accident NOT GUILTY ALL CHARGES
FELONY DUI 9TH DUI, 3 Prior Felony DUI’s, .15% BAC Probation, No Jail Time
FELONY DUI .15% BAC, accident Wet Reckless
DUI Jury Trial .14% BAC, poor field sobriety tests NOT GUILTY ALL CHARGES
DUI .23%, driver unconscious behind the wheel  Wet Reckless negotiated at Trial
DUI .18% BAC, 3rd Offense CASE DISMISSED
DUI 2nd Offense, .19% BAC CASE DISMISSED
FELONY DUI 4th Offense, .14% BAC Wet Reckless
FELONY DUI .14%, Hit & Run, Serious Injury 5 days custody
DUI .22% BAC, Fatal Car Crash No Charges ever filed
DUI Jury Trial .10% BAC, multi-car accident NOT GUILTY ALL CHARGES
DUI Jury Trial Naval Officer, .12% BAC NOT GUILTY ALL CHARGES
DUI .14% BAC, Police made up reason for stop CASE DISMISSED
FELONY DUI .16%, rollover crash, victim’s neck broken Probation, No Jail Time
DUI Ocotillo Wells, Guns and Suspended license Wet Reckless, No prior
DUI Property Damage .14% BAC Charges Dismissed
DUI DUI at checkpoint Charges reduce to “dry” reckless
Underage DUI Enlisted military, .08% BAC Case Dismissed
DUI .09% BAC Wet Reckless Penalties & Fines Reduced
Shoplifting Case Dismissed
Felony Terrorist Threat Case Dismissed
DUI Wet Reckless
DUI 3rd DUI with injury No Jail, Standard fines & Penalties
DUI Marijuana Dry Reckless, No Prohibition
DUI Underage, .12% BAC Dry Reckless
Suspended License After DUI conviction Case Dismissed



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