Why Is My DUI Such a Big Deal? By Daniel Smith

People often ask why they are being hammered for a simple DUI when there are so many horrible crimes going on that are not stopped

Don't get the wrong idea. Driving under the influence is potentially very dangerous. Alcohol in large enough amounts affects reaction time, depth perception, peripheral vision, glare recovery and judgment, all of which are important for safe driving. Having said that, the vast majority of the time, unless someone is very intoxicated, they make it home safe without coming close to hurting themselves or anyone else. But, there is always the danger that a driver could come upon a situation where they need to be at their best to avoid disaster, alcohol could prevent that from happening.

But, drinking and driving is an easy target for police, prosecutors and legislators. Statistics about alcohol related accidents are misleading in an attempt to justify harsher DUI penalties and funding for traffic bureaucracies. Fines for a first time DUI can be three or four times as much as some felonies. Statistically speaking, driving around the legal limit is about as dangerous as driving using a cell phone, even a hands-free device. But, for using the phone, you get a ticket. For the three beers in your system, you get a criminal record that can haunt you for the rest of your life, can cost you your job and other great harm.

So, don't drink and drive because it's dangerous, but also don't drink and drive because you will be crushed by the police and courts

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