What Should I Do If Need A DUI Lawyer in San Diego? NEW San Diego Defenders APP


First thing to remember is that it will not do you any good to beat yourself up anymore than you have already. Next thing you should do is to figure out a game plan. But you don’t want to think about all of the “what if’s.” What if I have to go to jail? What is going to happen at work? There are so many things that can go through your head, perhaps we, at San Diego Defenders, can help you with a “game plan.” So let’s keep it down to some simple steps so you can step back.

1. Download “San Diego Defenders” FREE APP. That is right, it is free and organized.

There are a few simple ways to get the Free App. You can simply go to our website at www.SanDiegoDefenders.com and look to the top left quadrant and it will say “DOWNLOAD OUR DUI HELP APP” just underneath our cool photo. There is the option of downloading on iTunes or Google Play.

Most of the organization is on the built in links to get to our youtube channel of helpful DUI informational videos. For instance you may want to watch the following videos.

  1. The 10 Day DMV Hearing Rule and the 30 Day Temporary License
  2. The difference between and Felony and a Misdemeanor DUI
  3. Hiring a Private Lawyer verses a Public Defender 
  4. The Court Procedures in a San Diego DUI case
  5. Understanding VC 23152 A and B - What does that mean? 
  6. Military DUI - On or Off Base
  7. Can I Get A DUI Expunged or Taken Off My Record?
  8. What If I am arrested for a DUI Crossing the Border from Tijuana?
  9. Can a DUI Affect My job?

www.SanDiegoDefenders.com YouTube channel and it’s companion www.DUIminute.com YouTube channel has more than 40 informational videos that can answer so many questions you may have.

The Free App offers DUI-help in both the iTunes and Google Play format for android phones. When you are ready to call the office and set up a free consultation, Dan Smith, the supervising attorney will be there to answer your initial call. Jon Pettis, our “Professor or DUI’s” works with Dan Smith on every case so you have two very different minds with different strengths to work their hardest to get your case dismissed and that is why they are known as San Diego Best DUI Lawyer Team. So put the San Diego Defenders free app on your phone today and use it tomorrow. Help a friend and know what to say if you are ever pulled over. With the free app you will also advise the officer that you know your rights and what tests to take in a polite manner.

The San Diego Defenders App is something you can help your friend’s put it on their phone for free because you help them set it up under the following titles:

  1. Help I’m being arrested - will send a quick text so someone you choose knows you need help.
  2. Call a Taxi - as in UBER or Lyft and make it easy to go home safely! Get your car in the AM.
  3. Call a Friend - a friend you can trust. You put their name in so they can check on you later.
  4. Statement to the Officer - Simple Steps to be courteous when exercising you legal Rights.
  5. DUI in San Diego helps you to give friendly advice to friends on an unpleasant experience.
  6. Emergency Contacts can help you in almost any situation. The Free App is to help you!

There is so much more included on the Free App from San Diego Defenders and it shows that you know your legal rights from the simple logo of the scales of justice and the “DEFENDERS” logo that has lead so many people to the dismissal of their San Diego DUI case.

So download our free app today and help yourself help others because your future may depend on it!