Second DUI Offense in San Diego By Daniel Smith

A 2nd DUI offense is even more serious than a 1st DUI offense. California law requires mandatory jail time for a 2nd DUI offense. If you are convicted of a 2nd DUI offense, you are required to do at least 4 months and up to a year in custody. There is also a mandatory 18 month long class for repeat offenders. The fine is very large, several times larger than an average felony fine. There is also a driver's license suspension of at least one year.

Repeat offenders get very little sympathy from prosecutors or judges. It makes it critical to have an experienced DUI lawyer who is respected by the prosecutors and the judges to advocate for you. The range of punishment for a 2nd DUI offense is greater than for a 1st DUI offense. The better your DUI lawyer, the better off you are.

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