San Diego DUI Lawyer Explains How to Prepare for the 2018 World Cup and Mexico v. S. Korea and Why You May Want to Drink

San Diego DUI Lawyer Explains How to Prepare for the 2018 World Cup and Mexico v. S. Korea and Why You May Want to Drink.

It is time to start preparing for the big game on Saturday June 23, 2018. In San Diego, the 8 AM match between Mexico and S. Korea will pack the local bars. In fact you may have already received an email, like I did this morning, advertising that Karina’s will have “happy hour specials” during the game and will open at 7:30 AM.  So the first way to prepare is to hydrate, we all will need it on this Summer day in San Diego.   And then you might consider whether there will be a sober designated driver in the group or plan for one using something like Yelp.

However if you find yourself wishing you could text a friend or call a taxi or Uber etc., you can do all of that by just installing the San Diego Defenders app off our web page that has all of that and more built into one tiny app with the scales of justice on a white background on your screen. Just pull up the website and scroll down to click on the IOS or Android button for you phone which will take you to the Google Play or App Store to get our FREE app. What more could you ask for than a win to advance Mexico into the 16 team round?

Mexico beat the defending champion Germany and South Korea has already lost to Sweden in this 2018 World Cup. But South Korea will playing their hearts out since they are facing elimination if they do not win.  So any of us could get carried away if Mexico does make it to the knockout round....or does not. We drink when we are happy and we drink when we are sad. And some of us drink because it makes us feel “warm and fuzzy.” It is all very scientific and there are reasons that are explained very well in this article by Claire Rostron published in the Open University’s - which is an entertaining read.

 It is almost certain that someone we know will get in their car after the futbol match and believe that they are alright to drive and really are under .08% BAC but will be cited for DUI per VC23152a or VC23152f or g if marijuana is involved. (And that is a subject for another DUI Defense.) But if you not read your Miranda rights, you could benefit from San Diego Defenders App which outline what exactly to say to an officer if you feel you are being wrongfully placed under arrest. Just be prepared for the Match that will excite all of Southern California this Saturday. By San Diego Defenders Supervising DUI Lawyer Dan Smith.