San Diego Defenders Free Revolutionary DUI-Help Mobile App

San Diego Defenders has created a revolutionary free DUI Help mobile app available on iTunes and Google Play to provide you with immediate help and answers at your fingertips if you or a loved one are pulled over for DUI. DUI Help tells you the 4 things to say to respectfully invoke your Fifth Amendment Right to Remain Silent, politely decline to take field sobriety tests, a field breathalyzer known as a PAS device but avoid a refusal without giving the officer more evidence to provide probable cause for the DUI arrest or any type of criminal arrest for drugs or other misdemeanors, felony charges, federal crimes and military consequences to your command whether you are in the Navy or Marines, we are experienced in DUIs and other crimes on base or off base that could affect your military retirement and career. San Diego Defenders Free DUI-Help App will provide a easy access to record the arrest for your protection, call a taxi to get home, text a friend if getting arrested to let someone know, call emergency contacts, call a friend and yes, call San Diego Defenders to speak to a lawyer when the officer asks for a statement. You can download our San Diego Defenders Free DUI-Help App by going to to automatically download the iPhone IOS version or an Android version. We handle more border cases than any other law firm in San Diego County and offer affordable payment plans. So Download our Free San Diego Defenders DUI-Help APP right now and give us a call at (619) 258-8888.