San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer on Recent Changes in Drug Transportation Cases

If you haven’t heard the recent news, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced at the San Ysidro border crossing near Tijuana some recent changes in the way of a zero-tolerance mandate on illegal immigration. In most parts of the US we have a zero-tolerance policy for kilos of drugs that are crossed and then busted, and now  those who are entering the U.S illegally are dealing with this recent “crackdown” by the Border Patrol at the crossing POE’s or Ports of Entry. Our federal district court immigration cases are skyrocketing. There is no doubt that a large amount of people wanting to come into the U.S. creates an impact in our courthouses for immigration, but what happens to all the drug cases involving methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl creating the opioid crisis we hear about on TV?

So, what does this mean? The huge unexpected impact on our federal court systems pushes the drug cases to the State of California jurisdiction. Border cases are overflowing in Federal Court and in response, other cases that are usually handled in federal court are being sent to state court. For example, a drug border bust is now being sent to State Courthouses like the Chula Vista Court across the street from where San Diego Defenders is located in the South Bay. Being so close and having a collective 60 years of experience in criminal defense can be a benefit to you or your loved one charged with a drug importation or transportation with the intent to distribute under HS 11377, HS 11379, HS 11360. There is no substitute for experience and you are smart to choose a lawyer who knows the judges, prosecutors and all the people that run the courthouse involved in drug charges and border transportation drug cases.

Recently, Lawyers Dan Smith and Jon Pettis of San Diego Defenders received a verdict of an acquittal or “not guilty” on a 20-kilo methamphetamine drug border crossing in federal court down on Broadway and Union Street. But now, the very same case would which are very important and life changing are going to the Southern Division of the San Diego Superior Court in Chula Vista. We at San Diego Defenders want all cases to result in an acquittal as well or a dismissal because we know how important you and your love one’s life is. We are affordable, have payment plans and plenty of free parking in a small building between two doctor’s offices and close to the bail bondsmen such as King Stahlman, Yo Salgo and Espinoza Bail Bonds.

The free app you can download from our website will give you a map to our office directly across the street from the South Bay Branch at 585 Third Ave. Chula Vista, CA 91910. We want to help you with your case and give you an affordable payment plan so that you can get a private lawyer that can help you get your life in order. Call us day or night at (619) 258-8888 to be connected directly to criminal defense attorney Daniel Smith and you will feel better after he explains what to expect. Call us at (619) 258-8888 and let us help you.