Out of State Drivers and San Diego DUI Laws By Daniel Smith

If you live out of state and get a DUI in California your license may be affected in the state you live in and you will be involved in court proceedings in a Superior Court of California.

For most people it is extremely difficult to travel back to California for each court date of their DUI and to complete and requirements the court will assign in California.

You can hire a local attorney to appear on your behalf in Court so that you may stay in your home state, continue to work and save the time and headache of traveling to and from San Diego.  If you are convicted or decide to plead guilty a local attorney can also help have any probation requirements moved to your home state for completion.

Here at San Diego Defenders, our clients have the ability to retain our services over the phone.  We can scan and e-mail retainer agreements, take payments over the phone, conduct client meetings over the phone and work with you about your case via e-mail, fax, skype, and phone.  Save time and money by hiring local attorneys who are experts in the DUI field, have knowledge of the local courts, judges and prosecutors.

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