The United States Postal Inspection Service Sent A Notice of Seizure Of Property!


San Diego Defenders gets many call from individuals who have had US Currency seized in the US Mail and then receive a “Notice of Seizure of Property And Initiation Of Administrative Forfeiture Proceedings” which includes a Notice Date and Asset ID Number that might read 19-USP-001178 and a Notice Letter ID. Asset seizure forfeiture lawyers are not easy to find. And,  Wow, that is a lot of information which includes two pages of instructions. This is alarming to most anyone that receives the letter. My clients ask me “Am I going to be arrested? And “are they watching me?”  followed by “I did not do anything wrong!” Our first job is to protect you from future prosecution. Our second job is to get your money back if possible.  One of the first things my clients need to do is just call me at (619) 258-8888 to discuss any type of time-lines that we need to consider. If a client is primarily concerned with possible criminal charges, we can accept your case as a “pre-file” in which we handle all communication with any investigating agency so that you do NOT get tricked into making statements in violation of your Fifth Amendment and we have successfully protected our clients in 99% of the cases!  Call Us now at (619) 258-8888.

However, in many cases Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that “Notice of Seizure” letters usually indicate a civil action that the Government may attempt cite federal laws such as 18 USC § 881, 19 USC §§ 1602-1619, 18 USC § 983 and 39 CFR 233.7 take to legally take your money. Eventually, the notice of seizure is required to be published on a website called which gives notice for currency seized by USPIS, DEA, FBI, CBP, HSI, US Customs, and even Secret Service. But these are CIVIL actions and NOT CRIMINAL. With our law firm’s help, we can file a claim or a petition, an offer in civil compromise and assert your right to your money as an innocent owner. You have rights, and San Diego Defenders is a law firm that can assert those rights on your behalf. There are many scenarios that can come into play. You may sell an automobile and insist on cash as payment. Many people, especially your grandparents, do not trust banks and keep cash at home and there is nothing illegal about that. When we file a petition on your behalf, your communications to us are protected by the attorney-client privilege. And the Government, in many cases, would rather settle to give a good portion of the currency back rather than litigate with a law firm like ours. So, please tell your family, friends, and others, that we can help. There is too much to cover in this short video, but call us at (619) 258-8888 and we can arrange a time to talk. We have filed on behalf of clients located anywhere in the United States and successfully got currency returned.

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