Ignition Interlock Problems


Ignition Interlock Problems

With California just passing a law requiring ignition interlock devices for all DUI convictions, it might be useful to look at what problems have arisen around the Country in other States that require ignition interlocks.

Ironically, if you Google basic questions about ignition interlock devices, you are hit by loads of ads for interlock companies and listings for their own website FAQ’s pages that blame problems on anything but the device.

Apparently, the companies themselves recognize the machines regularly have problems and are trying to exploit that fact by trying to lure away disaffected customers of other ignition interlock companies.

Once you slog through all the industry advertising, you find there are thousands and thousands of complaints about these devices coming out. One can only imagine that when the California law goes into effect Statewide January 1, 2019, since we are the biggest State, the problems are onlygoing to get worse.

  • The most common problems with the ignition interlock devices are:
  • The devices malfunction and won’t allow the driver to start the vehicle.
  • The devices run down the car battery.
  • For your car to be serviced, the device has to be taken out and then reinstalled, costing
  • time and money.
  • The ignition interlock companies are slow to respond to their customers.
  • Problems having to repeatedly re-test while trying to drive the vehicle.
  • Cold weather causing problems with the ignition interlock device being able to tell if the vehicle is running.

In fact, one woman had all of these problems with her van and she didn’t get a DUI, her husband did.  Her problems raise a whole other issue. Like most families, hers has more than one vehicle. If the person who gets the DUI drives all the vehicles, like most adults do, then ALL the vehicles have to have the ignition interlock device installed. That means ALL the drivers have to use the ignition interlock when they drive.

Sadly, it is not just a few people who are giving problems with the ignition interlock devices in their vehicles. Well respected organizations like Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau are reporting thousands of problems. In fact, when you view their websites concerning complaints and problems, you see that thousands more people are viewing them and finding them useful, meaning along with the thousands of people complaining, there are thousands more researching ignition interlock problems.


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