Beethoven DUI Fifth on the Fourth of July

Beethoven's DUI Fifth on the Fourth of July

NewReaderJon Pettis- Reader

With the Fourth of July 2015 landing on a Saturday this year, Dan Smith and Jon Pettis, the lawyers at San Diego Defenders, are looking forward to a barbeque to celebrate our Country’s Independence Day. We started thinking about how to remind people who are pulled over for a DUI that it is important to remember to respectfully decline to take FST’s or field sobriety tests  if stopped. It is called invoking the Fifth, as in Amendment. Jon said, “ well we can’t just say invoke the Fifth because people truthfully mix it up with the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure”.

 Dan said, “maybe we can use a memory game-like process!” Jon comes back with “imagine Beethoven’s Fifth .. Da, da, da, daaaaaa, Da, da, da, daaaaaa!” With a smile on his face, Dan sings (almost in tune to Beethoven’s Fifth symphony). “If you are a dor-r-rk and drink and drive on the Four-r-rth, Don’t help the Cops repor-r-rt. Interlude.... Beethoven reminds to invoke the Fifth.....Respectfully Decline...... and don't call them swine!....Call our office at 6-1-9 and you will be fine.... That's 258.......8888 a matter of time, you will be fine!"

Well obviously, we need to work on our video. Help us out and put your song to Beethoven ‘s Fifth in video format and we will post the best ones! Game on!