What happens if I don’t have a lawyer in my DUI case? By Daniel Smith

If you do not hire a private attorney before your first court date (arraignment) you will have to appear in person at the time and place lasted.  You will most likely be assigned a Public Defender at your arraignment date who will enter a plea of not guilty on your behalf.

After your arraignment date your case will be scheduled for a Readiness Conference.  If you qualify for a Public Defender and choose to use their services, you will be required to be at every scheduled court appearance.  Court appearances are not set at times that are convenient for you and the Court will not accommodate your personal or work schedule.

In most cases people who have careers, jobs or professions which do not allow for time off during the work week it is difficult to find excuses to get to court.

If you hire a private lawyer to handle your DUI case you will not be required to go to court unless special circumstances arrive.  While it may seem expensive to hire a lawyer many law firms such as, San Diego Defenders, take little to no money down and offer payment plans.

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