How to Hire a DUI Lawyer and What to Expect. Do You Need Affordable Payments?

Video of How to Hire a DUI Lawyer and What to Expect. Do You Need Affordable Payments?

First time DUI ? You may have many questions. Do I need a DUI lawyer? And How much does it cost for a really good DUI lawyer and do they ever take payment plans? DUI clients want to know if they have to drive downtown and park only to go into a big high-rise in San Diego or Mission Valley. Or can they find a nearby lawyer where parking is not a hassle and has a nice staff. Even better, can you talk with a lawyer (and not a salesman) who is willing to take your case, including the DMV, and let you make a payment plan that is affordable and cheap enough to fit in the budget of a family, young person or student. A good person with a first time DUI has a lot of worries, questions and concerns about how they can hire a good lawyer to help them.San Diego Defenders made this video which actually shows you what it is like to find a DUI lawyer’s office and park for free in front of the office and walk in. The friendly receptionist will give you a form to fill out in the casual lobby where there are DUI manuals, breathalizers and diplomas and photos as far back as 1916 showing the third generation lawyer, Dan Smith’s grandfather and father (a former DUI judge) family experience dating to the days of alcohol prohibition. As a former Federal Defender, Mr. Smith also defends many people charged with crossing drugs across the nearby San Ysidro border. Attorney Jon Pettis is best DUI lawyer in our firm (and we believe all of San Diego County). Clients benefit from a combined 44 years experience not counting the three generation of Smith lawyers starting in 1916!

DUI lawyer and founding member of San Diego Defenders, Daniel Smith, will meet you in the lobby. He is casual, confident, and friendly in explaining the process of hiring the law firm which includes associate attorney John Pettis, a UCLA law school alum referred to as the “Professor of DUI Defense” by many. Dan Smith stresses that if you are charged with a DUI and call (619) 258-8888 to make an appointment, that he or Jon Pettis will meet with you personally.The video shows how easy it is to actually identify the San Diego Defenders office at 585 Third Ave., Chula Vista, CA 91910 which you can also find by searching for “google maps” click the link and type in “San Diego Defenders” where a map will show you how to get there and what it looks like on a street view. The video is short and shows how you may park for free in front of the office, meet the friendly receptionist, be introduced to Dan Smith and walk into the conference room of the boutique law firm. There, attorney Dan Smith actually explains the process and how a flat fee will be presented to you together with a payment plan to make it affordable for a person charged for first time DUI VC 23152 and he DMV Admin Per Se hearing. This video shows you exactly what you can expect if you hire a DUI lawyer at San Diego Defenders, so take a couple of minutes to watch. You will feel better about what to expect when hiring a lawyer in a DUI or any criminal defense case.