Union Criminal DUI Lawyer - The Best in San Diego

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Union Criminal DUI Lawyer - The Best in San Diego

San Diego Defenders represents many Union members in DUI or criminal cases. Union benefits that we have arranged include affordable payment plans. Our team of lawyers, Dan Smith, Jon Pettis and Alan Spears can make all your court appearances for you in all misdemeanors case except DV (domestic violence/corporal injury to a spouse). Felony cases, we can negotiate a bail fee far lower than any other law firm with out exclusive arrangements with reputable Bail Bond Companies. Affordable payment plans arranged through the strength of union bargaining makes the best legal team available to all union members and those with employee benefit plans.

The strength of our unions is part of the moral fabric of this great nation. Whether you are an iron worker, teacher, electrician or any brotherhood that keeps this country moving. We are here to protect you and your family from the effects of a criminal conviction. We understand your rights and are will speak directly to the company supervisor, if necessary, to protect your interests. With the best record for dismissals, reductions and removing convictions in negotiations or trials, San Diego Defenders receives awards for San Diego’s Best Law Firm representing union members.

San Diego Defenders understands the importance of remaining on the job during the outcome of the case. Daniel Smith, our supervising attorney, is a former Federal Defender and a third generation lawyer whose father was a former prosecutor and then a judge for 20 years who shines in the court house. Jon Pettis is a UCLA law school graduate known as the “Professor of DUI’s” and one of three lawyers labeled as “feared by the DA and City Prosecutor.” Captain Alan Spears, our most senior lawyer, is a former Merchant Marine veteran of the Iraqi Freedom campaign who commands respect and authority from all prosecutors, clerks and judges in the county. Our team of lawyers performs a round table to discuss strategy on each and every case that comes to our office.

Call us directly at (619) 258-8888 to connect with Supervising Attorney Daniel Smith on his cell phone even on the weekends for the best union criminal and DUI law firm for any type of criminal case. Don’t wait to talk to your representative about employee benefits, we will get started defending you or a loved one before more damage can be done. Www.SanDiegoDefenders.com 24/7 at (619)258-8888 call today!