Understanding Forfeiture The Government's Sneaky Money Grab By Daniel Smith


The US Government Confiscates about 13 million dollars per Day in Assets by administrative Process, and Many Owners of the seized Property are not Accused of a Crime says www.forfeiture.gov

How can the U.S. Government do that is the question being asked by many law abiding citizens whose cash, cars, boats and even houses are taken everyday.  The U.S. Government has become increasingly dependent upon the funds that about 10 Government agencies seize through an administrative process that they call “Asset Recovery”.

The Theory is that the U.S. Government declares that any money or property gained by an individual as a result of a criminal or illegal act is the property of the United States. Furthermore, if any type of conveyance, such as a car, truck, bus, boat, airplane or anything that moves illegal items is subject to the same laws that allow the Government to take the seized property and assets.

The money that is recovered, or “secured” as an Asst. United States Attorney said to me recently, is used to fund Government agencies such as the DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, Postal Service, IRS, and U.S. Customs ICE force in their never ending battle against crime in the United States. It is easy to justify seizing the money clearly collected by a drug distribution organization (DDO). And it all sounds so noble until you realize how many innocent people get caught in the web of forfeiture and seizure without a clue what to do.

And that is what Forfeiture Fighter is all about. Protecting the rights of the people who are victims of the US Government seizing or taking away money or assets that they earned legally. For instance, a family in Mexico may sell a piece of property and bring the money into the United States to purchase restaurant equipment, a used truck, or some nice clothes for their family in the United States or Mexico. When an innocent owner of the money is stopped at a border checkpoint or at a port of entry (POE), the Government Agents automatically assume the money is from drug sales. If the government finds a compartment in the car where the money is safely hidden, they automatically assume it is for illegal purposes.

The fact of the matter is that there are many cultural differences and circumstances which, if properly presented, would result in the return of their property. For instance, one can argue there are more robberies in Mexico. If you are seen leaving a bank, there are individuals that assume you have money. If you are cornered, they may look for the money.  And if they find it, they will take it in Mexico or in the United States. So many people build compartments to hide their money. Notwithstanding the law that you must declare anything over $10,000, there is nothing illegal about carrying cash.

So, the first chance you may have to contest the taking, confiscation, or seizure of your money may be immediately, if you go to a law office like San Diego Defenders forfeiture fighters, or when you receive a letter entitle “Notice of Seizure and Election of Proceedings Form AF”. However, you will need guidance, so do not hesitate to call and discuss your options in the administrative proceedings. There is no requirement that the US Government file criminal charges. In our office, we speak Spanish and are here to help you get your money, property, or assets back as soon as possible.Just call immediately.