Obama's Drug Hypocrisy By Daniel Smith

Obama's Drug Hypocrisy:

Some of you may remember in October of 2008 then candidate Obama promised that he would keep his administration's hands off the medical marijuana industry in those states which have such programs. That was more or less true until October of 2011 when the DEA and assorted other alphabet soup agencies started the crackdown which has continued unabated until the present time.

In a ham handed pre-election effort to appear tough on crime, hundreds of dispensaries in San Diego county have been shuttered despite the fact that the operations were in compliance with state and local law. Only a handful remain in operation, and for those, the every day question is "when will the hammer fall"?

Recently, Penn Jillette went on a tirade about this which has subsequently gone viral. The link is here. Caution, strong language: http://nation.foxnews.com/penn-jillette/2012/05/21/watch-penn-jillette-goes-epic-obama-weed-tirade

It is significant to note that Mr. Jillette is a user neither of drugs nor alcohol. While it is his business to provide snarky commentary on the day's events, the points he makes are valid. The war on drugs, especially on medical marijuana is a travesty. It has done infinitely more harm than good. Even the comedians get that.