Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like Domestic Violence By Daniel Smith

My neighbors had a garage sale this weekend. It looked more like an eviction. The couple was brawling the whole time. The yelling escalated to the point the cops showed up. Happy Holidays. Unfortunately, incidents of domestic violence increase during the holidays. They are often fueled by economic woes and substance abuse, both of which also tend to increase during the holidays. It is important to stay cool and not fight about money or the suspicion that your wife was sleeping with the gardener. The problem is that when the cops show up, someone is probably getting arrested. Nine times out of ten in a heterosexual relationship, that will be the man. Don’t hit girls. Your mom was right. But let’s say you had a few too many, you’re overdrawn at the bank and your wife is sleeping with the gardener, you might lose your temper and find yourself in the back of a police cruiser.

Your next step is important. If you are arrested, don’t make any statements to the cops. Don’t whine and don’t admit to anything. You may have to spend the night in jail. If you bail out, you may not be able to return to your home immediately. You need the advice of a lawyer who is experienced in defending domestic violence charges. At your first opportunity, call the domestic violence experts at San Diego Defenders for a no cost consultation 619.258.8888.