MADD is A Non-Profit Scam


No one is going to argue that drunk driving is not dangerous and a very poor and irresponsible choice. But, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) should not be exploiting the tragedies that come from drunk driving to be perpetuating their existence and high salaried executives.

Recently, reports have been coming out from non-profit watchdog groups about how MADD really is not accomplishing anything anymore except making money for themselves.

For example, when propositions were on the ballot to make it easier for drunk driving victims to sue insurance companies if they did not pay off quickly, you would think MADD would be all for them. Helping the victims, right? No, MADD opposed the measures arguing that they could lead to drunk drivers suing, even after that claim was totally debunked. Why? Maybe it was the donations that exceeded a million dollars MADD got from insurance companies.

There are a lot of exploiters in the world. But, when an organization holds itself out as a noble cause and simply uses that to take advantage of the suffering of others for its own gain, then they are the worse type of hypocrites.

The executives at MADD make huge salaries. That only continues if they keep brining in donations. That only happens if they perpetuate fear of drinking and driving. That goes hand and hand with seeking harsher and harsher penalties for DUI and broader and broader laws lowering legal limits et cetera.

MADD now spends nearly two thirds of the money it brings in on paying its leaders and paying for advertising to get more donations. Their initial primary purpose, educating the public about the potential dangers of drunk driving, has been accomplished. People are as aware of that as they are the risks of smoking.

Our police are cashing in through MADD, too. Many of the DUI checkpoints we see are paid for by MADD. The cops are paid overtime to run them. They happily do so, even though it has been proven that they catch more drunk drivers with the same number of cops on patrol, rather than standing around a checkpoint.

MADD even makes statistical claims that are shown to be untrue. It is time for everyone to get mad at MADD and our politicians, like the Senators in Sacramento who just voted to require ignition interlock devices for ALL first time DUI’s who happily buy in to MADD’s crap so they can look tough on crime.