How to find someone in jail in San Diego or Los Angeles


If a loved one is arrested you will not be able to find them immediately. There is a process a person who has been arrested goes through that can take up to several hours.

Immediately after arrest, the person first goes to the jail at a local police station. At the local police station, the person who was arrested is interviewed, any reports are completed and any forms are filled out. Once the process at the local police station is completed, the arrestee will be transferred to the County Jail.

Once at County Jail, a person who is arrested must go through the booking process. It is not until completion of booking processes that you will be able to locate your loved one.

Below are resources for finding your loved one once they have been booked.  If you or a family member require the assistance of an attorney, please contact our office at (619)258-8888 for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

San Diego Sheriff and County Jails

  1. San Diego-Sheriff’s Who’s in Jail Search Engine: You can search by name through the San Diego Sheriff’s inmate log. If your loved one was very recently arrested, it may take some time for their information to appear on the website. Please check back frequently if you believe that your loved one is in the custody of the San Diego Sheriff
  2. San Diego-Sheriff’s Hotline: 1-800-662-056
    If you cannot find your loved one on the Sheriff’s inmate locator you may call the Sheriff’s office for additional help. Please have the first and last name of the person that you are searching and possibly their date of birth.
  3. San Diego-County Jail Information Officer: (619) 531-3200, (858) 694-3200, (760) 940-4473

Los Angeles Sheriff and County Jails

  1. Los Angeles-County Sheriff’s Department: You can search by name through the Los Angeles Sheriffs Inmate locator. If your loved one was arrested within the last two hours, their information will not be available.
  2. Los Angeles-County Sheriff’s Department: (213)473-6080
    To speak with an operator at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office you can call the number above. They may have more updated information then the website.