How to bail someone out of jail after a DUI By Daniel Smith

When you are arrested for a DUI you will be taken to jail, you will either be release after you sober up (usually 8 hours or so) or you will be booked and it will be necessary for someone to post bail to have you released. Bail amount can be determined bymany factors however there is s a bail schedule that will be used for most common DUI’s.  The bail schedule states that bailfor a first offense DUI violation is $2,500, second offense DUI violation is$10,000 and a third offense DUI violation is $15,000.

You can post the full bail amount yourself and you will be reimbursed 2 to 3 months after your case is completed.  You may also elect to use the services of a bail bondsman who will charge a fee of 10% of the bail amount. Your DUI attorney will be able to assist you in finding an accredited bail bondsman.

If you do not post bail then you will remain in jail until your DUI arraignment, which is your first appearance in court. The arraignment usually takes place within 3 court days of your drunk driving arrest and at this hearing your DUI lawyer can ask the court to reduce your bail amount. If you never pay the bail amount then you will be kept in jail until the conclusion of your San Diego DUI case.

If you choose to bail someone out of jail, you may contact a bail bonds office and if your loved one has been booked the agent will be able to determine the bail amount and arrange bail.  If your loved one is not yet in the system you may have to wait until the booking process is complete for the bail agency to find your loved one and arrange bail.

San Diego Defenders has worked with several bail agencies before and below can be found links to their websites:

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