How free is a free consultation for my DUI case? By Daniel Smith

Many attorneys and law office’s offering free consultations for DUI’s never tell you that you may not be speaking with an attorney during your free consultation. You may not realize it but you may be speaking with a case manager, a pushy individual who does not have a degree to practice law and whose only interest is having you sign up with the firm. Since the person you are meeting with is not an attorney the “consultation” while free, is not truly a consultation as the case manager cannot evaluate your case like an attorney. The case manager will not be responsible for your case and will not speak with you after your initial meeting. Your case will be passed off to an attorney you never met or had a chance to speak with before you signed the fee agreement and put your money down.

It is important to be able to meet with the attorney handling your case and see if you two can work well together. It is also important to meet the attorney you will be working with so that you can express your concerns to him or her and make sure they understand what you want to do with your case.

Here at San Diego Defenders we do not employ case managers. When you come in for a free consultation you will sit down and meet with one of the four attorneys on staff and they will offer you an evaluation of your case and no pushy sales tactics.

If you or a loved one would like a free and confidential consultation with an experienced attorney, please call our office at (619)258-8888.