How Do You Hire a Cheap Lawyer?


How Do You Hire a Cheap Lawyer?

Not everyone is rich and can afford thousands and thousands up front to hire a lawyer when they get arrested. Most lawyers want their whole fee upfront. That is impossible for most of us in today’s economy. Other big shot lawyers charge enormous amounts and a lot of times they are not very good or just have a wet behind the ears associate handle your case. The key is finding a law office that is willing to work with you to make affordable and who know what they are doing and will fight for you while giving excellent legal service.

At San Diego Defenders we try and work with people to keep our fees as low as possible and to work out payment plans for people living on a budget. The bottom line is most people are living on a budget and have not planned to need to pay a criminal defense lawyer. But, in the real world, things happen, you get a DUI, there is a fight at the house or worse. Suddenly you need the best lawyer you can find and afford to hire.

Our payment plans help our clients afford the excellent legal representation they so desperately need. By spreading out the payments, people can adjust their monthly budgets to be able to afford an attorney to take on their case and fight for them in court. In many cases, hiring a lawyer can mean you do not ever have to go to court yourself, your lawyer takes care of all of that for you. Having that can mean a huge load off your mind and allows you to keep spending your time working and with your family and friends.

If you or someone you care about has been arrested, you owe it to yourself, both to save money and get the best lawyer you can, to call San Diego Defenders and come in for a free initial consultation. When your case is over, you will be glad you did.