1. Find a DUI lawyer who is experienced in handling DUI cases

Not all lawyers have experience handling DUI cases and those who have not may not know all the intricacies involved in the handling of DUI cases.  Find a DUI lawyer who has several years of experience with DUI cases specifically.  Also look for an attorney who has continued his education with specialized DUI courses.

2. Find a DUI lawyer who understands your needs in respect to your DUI

We all have different concerns when it comes to our DUI case and how it is handled.  Some people are more concerned about their drivers license than their court fines. Some people may be more concerned about no jail time and the possibility of a record.  Make sure that any attorney you speak with understands what is important to you.

3. Time is limited

While you may want to call and interview every DUI lawyer in the phone book remember that your time is limited.  At several DUI law firms you may not meet with a lawyer but meet with a closer at your first meeting.  This is important because these individuals are not lawyers but clerical staff who have knowledge of the law but are not experts.  It is important that you get to speak with the attorney assigned to your case before you sign with a firm so that you have a feel for who you will be working with.

4. Be sure the DUI lawyer practices in the area in which you got your DUI

Even if you received a DUI in a city that is not your home town it is important to find a lawyer who does practice in the area you received your DUI.  Lawyers can and will charge for travel and hiring an attorney who is in the area that the DUI took place can save on costs.  Also that lawyer is familiar with the area you received your dui and the prosecutors and judges in the assigned court.

5. Find a DUI lawyer  that can fit your budget

Have an honest discussion about the fees your lawyer charges. Do they offer flat fee arrangements or do they bill an hourly fee? Can you choose the fee arrangement? What other costs (postage, copy costs, telephone charges, etc) do they charge.

NEVER choose a lawyer based solely on their cost. You don’t choose the cheapest doctor, do you? While price is likely a consideration, do not make it the determining factor. If you lose your job, spend an extra thirty days in jail or lose your ability to drive for more than a year, have you really saved any money by choosing the cheapest lawyer?