What are the Fines for a DUI in San Diego County ?

bigstock-Police-officer-has-pulled-over-11985680San Diego Defenders’ (619) 258-8888 phone number goes to an answering service that connects you to Daniel M. Smith, the supervising attorney. Your immediate questions about your DUI arrest can get answered. Although you can come to the office for a free consultation to explain the DUI, potential clients are bound to ask, what is the fine for a DUI? Call or read this review.

The answer the lawyer gives  uses the dreaded phrase “it depends”. The potential client says, on what does it depend? There are a number of factors that are listed below, although not a complete list, but we give you the top ten. A good DUI defense lawyer hates to hear that question about fines before the potential client either strikes a plea deal or is found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. San Diego county, no matter how close to the border, is not Mexico. In Mexico, the system of criminal justice presumes you are guilty until proven innocent. In the U.S. you are presumed innocent and it is a precious gift our founding fathers gave us in the Constitution.

We pride ourselves as being the most successful DUI law firm in getting cases dismissed and we have handled thousands of DUI cases. As of 2014 I am in my 25th year and Jon Pettis in his 20th year of defending DUI cases. We have hundreds of dismissals and reductions in DUI cases.

  1. Is it a first time DUI or do you have prior convictions and what date of conviction?
  2. Why were you stopped?
  3. What arresting agency stopped you? SDPD, CHP, or Sheriff?
  4. Did you request a DMV hearing within 10days?
  5. What do you do for a living and are you in the military?
  6. How long were you in jail before you were released?
  7. Are you on probation?
  8. Do you know what your BAC blood alcohol content was?
  9. When did the DUI arrest take place.
  10. Where did the arrest take place and what court house, Downtown Central, Chula Vista, El Cajon, or Vista ?

The bottom line is there may be ramifications down the road if you just think about throwing in the towel and pleading guilty to a DUI. I have talked to clients that just “took the deal the public defender told them to” when I reasonably believe we could have reduced the charge to a “wet reckless” or a “dry reckless”. We are a firm that has a reputation as trial lawyers. The prosecutor knows who will really go to trial and which lawyers do not. It makes a huge difference in the negotiations. Common sense, isn’t ?

But, the answer is that as of 2014, in San Diego County, a DUI fine is $2,133 for a common VC 23152 (A) or VC 23152(B) and $1,160 for a wet reckless VC 23103 per VC23103.5. Keep in mind that there are “enhancements” for a high BAC that may include alcohol monitoring bracelets or public work service, and yes, even jail time if “save money” going with a price for a lawyer that is to good to be true!

Best bet is to call San Diego Defenders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at (619) 258-8888 and ask to talk to Daniel Smith on his cell phone. If you call somewhere else, insist on talking to a lawyer and not a salesman, to evaluate your case.