Early Termination of Probation (California Penal Code 1203.3) By Daniel Smith

California Penal Code 1203.3 PC allows a judge to terminate a defendant's probation ahead of schedule.  If the judge grants an early termination of probation, you may request for your record to be expunged at that time or a later date.

Before terminating your probation early, the judge will inquire that:

  1. you have successfully completed the terms of your probation (such as fines, classes or restitution), and,
  2. there are circumstances that justify early termination.

Valid reasons for termination include but are not limited to the fact that your probation is:

  1. keeping you from securing gainful employment,
  2. keeping you from completing your education,
  3. preventing you from advancing at your employment, or
  4. restricting necessary travel.

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