DUI Expungement-will it clear my record? By Daniel Smith

If you have completed the probation for a misdemeanor or felony DUI conviction, or have been granted an early termination from probation, you might qualify for an expungement of your DUI.

Pros to Expungement?

  1. The case at hand will result in a dismissal
  2. You will not need to disclose your charges and conviction on job applications, with the exception of government jobs requiring a government issued license, certificate or permit, or a job which involves a security clearance, in which case the conviction will be uncovered.

Cons to Expungement:

Expungement will not:

  1. Remove the conviction from your “Rap Sheet”;
  2. Reinstate your right to possess firearms, if the DUI resulted in a felony.
  3. Prevent the DUI from being used as a “prior” DUI conviction to increase penalties in the event you receive another DUI arrest within ten years.

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