Driving on a Suspended License in California By Daniel Smith

California leads the country in people getting caught driving on a suspended driver's license. It is not just because California has the most people, but is also because California law allows for licenses to be suspended for many things, some that do not have anything to do with driving, like not paying child support. When you then add in how difficult it is to deal with DMV and try and get a license back, it can be a nightmare.

Driving when your license is suspended seems relatively insignificant. It is a misdemeanor though. If it happens more than once, it can mean mandatory jail time. It can also mean being required to get an ignition interlock device put on your car or worse, losing your car and it being sold at an auction.

Your license can be suspended for getting to many points on your driving record, not taking care of tickets, DUI's or even not paying child support. Often times, the driver does not even know their license was suspended. Be careful, not knowing if your license was suspended is not a defense to driving on a suspended license.

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