Drivers license suspended by DMV even when I plead Not Guilty to my DUI in Court? By Daniel Smith

It is bad enough to get a pink sheet for a temporary drivers license in California when you get arrested for DUI. Even though I set a DMV hearing and I went to that terrifying court hearing to plead not guilty with a public defender, nothing seems to help. Now I get this notice of suspension of my drivers license for almost a year and my next court date is weeks from now. What can I do now? I still have to go to work and school. Pretty soon someone at work is going to figure out that I was arrested for a DUI. Then there goes my job and I then I can't afford school and it feels like my whole life is ruined. The lawyers at San Diego Defenders always say that they will help a person get their life back to normal. I should have hired San Diego Defenders for my DUI and taken an affordable payment plan and I could have avoided most of this horrible stuff. I called (619) 258-8888 and the attorney emailed me a list and told me to do the following (1) take the order of suspension to one of the places on the list to enroll in the First Conviction Program (2) even though I have not been convicted, the DMV will make me take the class, and I should ask the class counselor to notify the DMV that I am enrolled so I can get a restricted license, (3) do thirty days worth of classes and then ask my insurance company for an SR22 filing, (4) then go to the DMV with the SR22, $125 administrative fee, and I can get a restricted license.

If you want a smart DUI lawyer, the best advice is to call San Diego Defenders at (619) 258-8888. We all want our life back to normal!