Could the “Situation” be that Driving on Prescribed Drugs is a DUI ? By Daniel Smith

The simple answer is “yes”. Most of us have been in a situation in our lives when the doctor prescribes prescription pain-killers after surgery. It could be as simple as having a tooth removed and the doctor sends you home with Vicodin. When reading the warnings on the bottle it usually states “May cause drowsiness. Alcohol may intensify this effect. Use care when operating a car or dangerous machinery.”

Many people will admit to an officer that they took pain-killers before driving and follow it up with “but I have a prescription!” That fact only makes it legal to have in your possession, not necessarily to drive, while using that particular prescription. Even if you have a chronic condition such as back pain or even cancer, the law is quite clear that operating a vehicle while impaired is a VC 23152 (A) in California. A DWI or DUI whether you are in California or on the Jersey shores, don’t pop pills and drive!

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