Can the Police tow my car if I get a DUI? By Daniel Smith

Often, people getting arrested for DUI ask the police if they have to have the vehicle towed. No one wants to get their car towed away. When your vehicle is towed to an impound lot you will have to deal with it when you get out of jail.  You will have to make your way to the tow yard and then pay to have your car returned to you. The money you pay includes a tow fee as well as a fee for each day the vehicle was stored.

The police have the discretion to tow the vehicle or not to tow it. Too often, they say they have no choice and call for a tow truck. It is also not uncommon for the police to call for a tow truck even before they have concluded their DUI investigation. If you have been polite and cooperative with the police, they may leave your car parked or move it to a proper parking spot for you.  Politely inquire if they will, they do have the authority to tow your car but if you remain calm they may decide to help you.

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