Breakfast in Collinsville-The importance of your 4th Amendment rights. By Daniel Smith

In December 2011, Terrance Huff and Jon Seaton were returning home to Ohio after a Star Trek exhibit in St. Louis via Interstate 70 when they were pulled over by Collinsville Officer Michael Reichert. What follows the stop is a too often seen police tactic to pressure an individual to give up his or her 4th amendment right and allow a search of their vehicle without probable cause. When Mr. Huff does not fall for Officer Reichert’s tactics, Officer Reichert decides that his K-9 dog needs to smell the vehicle for drugs. Conveniently the K-9 unit indicates the presence of drugs in Mr. Huff’s vehicle and a search of the vehicle is conducted by Officer Reichert-no drugs are found. Below is the video of the entire incident beginning to end. It is important for anyone stopped for suspicion of a DUI or any crime, to remember their 4th amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure.

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