Beware of Lawyers That Your Bail Bond Agent or Bail Bondsmen Recommend!

San Diego DefendersBeware of Lawyers That Your Bail Bond Agent or Bail Bondsmen Recommend!

This is the elephant in the room of many Bail Bond Agencies. Bond Agencies are governed by strict laws in California. You, or someone you know may have been arrested for a DUI or any crime. If you were bailed out, your bail bond agent is going to want you to check in asap. That Bail Bondsman may the closest thing to a friend, hero or savior you know. He or she just got you out of jail. The Bail Agent might just be the person who you think know more about the criminal justice system than anybody else you know, may want to confide in. Maybe they know a good lawyer? Maybe they know the best DUI lawyer in town!

Most likely, NOT! Why you ask? Because Bail Bond Agents are not allowed to refer a lawyer under any circumstance. It is against the law for a reason. The fact that most bail agents are in the business to make money, it is most likely what they expect from the attorney or lawyer they recommend. Could that lawyer loose his or license for what is called “capping”? You bet. Do they get caught very often? No, the sad fact is that they do not. So don’t count on the law to protect you and start counting on your own common sense. So let’s keep it simple!

If you hire a lawyer that is desperate enough to pay a bail bond agent for business, how good can they be. If a lawyer’s reputation, that is often obvious after sorting through reviews that appear to be written by a real person, you will have a good idea just how good that lawyer is in the eyes of their clients.

Common sense also tells you that although bail agents are located close to jails and court houses, how often do you see a bail agent in court? Do you think they have a clue or give a darn about who is the good lawyer. Or do you think they are more interested in which lawyer or attorney will pay them the most money? In the words of the famous songwriter Bob Dylan, “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows!”

So if you know someone that tells you the bail bond agent slipped them of the best lawyer in town, think twice! If a bail bondsman suggests a lawyer, you may have just bought the worst lawyer that money can buy.

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