87 DUI Tickets on 4th of July In San Diego

bigstock-Drink-And-Drive-2667399Whether on a vacation from Arizona or a local from Southern California, you may know someone arrested for DUI in San Diego. July 4th is one of those weekends that you or someone you know may make the mistake per VC 23152 (A) or VC 23152(B) also known as a drunk driving ticket. As a lawyer defending DUI cases for 25 years, one of the biggest misconceptions for visitors is that if they return to their home state, like Arizona, the case will go away. Wrong. When arrested for DUI you are given a PINK temporary license to drive in California for 30 days and 10 days to request an Admin Per Se Hearing with the DMV. My advice is to set the hearing or call a law firm that focuses on DUI cases to set the hearing for you. The reason is that if your driving privileges are suspended in California, then Arizona will find out through the Interstate Compact. Then Arizona will suspend your license in Arizona until you take care of the "DUI problem" in California. The good news is that if you call a firm like San Diego Defenders, you will speak to Daniel Smith - the supervising attorney" and he will tell you that we can make the DMV hearing for you without your presence AND also represent you in court without you having to return to California as long as it is a misdemeanor DUI. Our clients are everyday hard working people and appreciate that San Diego Defenders has payment plans and we can set up your representation on the telephone and the internet email. Daniel Smith is an Arizona native and used to come to San Diego to vacation as a young man. He understands. Daniel Smith and Jon Pettis have the best success rate in getting charges dismissed and reduced in San Diego County. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (619) 258-8888 to talk to Daniel Smith (a former Zonie) and he will give you the peace of mind you need and help get you started in getting your life back to normal. Don't wait, you have only 10 days to save your license - in both states!