Live DUI Checkpoint Info for South bay San Diego, Chula Vista, San Ysidro and National City!

A DUI check point

San Diego Defenders website now has live feed for DUI check points.

Live DUI Checkpoint Info for South bay San Diego, Chula Vista, San Ysidro and National City!

Important announcement! You can now go to San Diego Defenders to get information about DUI checkpoints in the San Diego area. Even on your smart phones, just put us on your favorites and you can read the latest information being released directly from the police department. But why now? There is a little background on why attorneys Dan Smith and Jon Pettis decided to put that information on their San Diego Defenders website.

San Diego Defenders now has a live feed of the latest DUI Checkpoint information released directly from local police departments. With the help of Nixle, we now display all kinds of information regarding local arrest statistics, notice of DUI checkpoints and many other public service law enforcement information regarding all areas, such as IRS scam alerts and the like. Whether you are on your home computer or your smart phone, you can now access public announcements, some required by law, on check points, arrests, and warnings from the local police department. Quite handy indeed!

The lawyers of San Diego Defenders, Dan Smith and Jon Pettis have been talking to DUI clients for over 26 years. Many were arrested at a DUI Checkpoints. “How can you find out ahead of time that there will be DUI Checkpoints?” We urge all of our readers to pass along this information that San Diego Defenders now has current information on this weekends planned DUI checkpoints and more.

Our clients often ask us that question and things like “how does the police department set up a DUI checkpoint and is it legal?” We can tell them the guidelines that a police department is supposed to follow, but it doesn’t do them any good now. However, we will ask certain question like:

  1. Was there an alternate route to go around the checkpoint?
  2. Did it appear that there was a plan on which vehicles were approached by the police department?
  3. Did you feel that you were arrested immediately without any investigation. (That is the probable cause argument). Most certainly our clients want to know how to avoid this from ever happening again.

Our answer is and will always be to avoid drinking and driving or driving on prescription medication for that matter (VC 23152 (e)). But if you want your friends, family (including your kids) tell them to visit our website for a live feed that recaps all the latest information from drug arrests to DUI checkpoints and the results of past “enhanced enforcement”.

The DUI lawyers at San Diego Defenders want to warn friends and the general public that it is dangerous to drive while impaired under VC 23152 (a) or to drive with a BAC over .08% under VC 23152 (b). And good people make the bad judgment decision to drink and then drive. It does not mean they are bad people. But it gets complicated quick. About one-third of the way down the DMV Temporary Drivers License it states “YOU HAVE 10 DAYS FROM RECEIPT OF THIS NOTICE TO REQUEST A HEARING TO SHOW THAT THE SUSPENSION OR REVOCATION IS NOT JUSTIFIED.”

If you, a friend or a family member is going out where they may serve alcohol, be careful, and log into our website for the Nixle feed. And if you are arrested, call us for help. We can get you through it. Remember, the 10 days starts with the Pink Sheet.