First DUI Offense in California By Daniel Smith By Daniel Smith

A 1st DUI offense is the most common crime charged in California. That does not mean it is not very serious. Under California law, a person can get up to 1 year in jail for a first time DUI. That essentially never happens, but some jail, public work service, and mandatory classes are common. The fines are also very large, several times larger than your average felony.

The punishment from the Court is only the beginning. A 1st DUI offense can mean thousands of dollars added to your car insurance costs each year. For many people, it can also mean the loss of their job. All of that also comes with the potential for a driver's license suspension.

No one should take a 1st DUI offense lightly. The best thing that can be done is to hire an experienced DUI lawyer. You then have the best chance of saving your driver's license, beating the case or ending up with a lesser charge and as little punishment as necessary. A good DUI lawyer can also help guide you through all the other problems that come with a 1st DUI offense

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