Payment Plans

When facing a DUI or a criminal case such acts of violence and drug cases, a common fear is will I be able to afford a legal defense? It is a common perception that the best defense is only attainable to celebrities. Criminal cases can indeed require a lot of work and are difficult to defend. Your life is at stake; you could face many years in prison, great fines, or simply have a record that will affect your ability to seek employment. In all these cases you need experienced lawyers who will fight for you but you don’t want a public defender who is overworked. You also don’t want just anyone on your side simply because they quote you a great price only to find yourself stranded with penalties you won’t be able to deal with.

San Diego Defender is your solution. Whether you are facing a DUI or any criminal case against you we offer plans with little or no money down and affordable payment schedules with no interest. Call us today at (619) 258-8888, stop worrying about money now so we can focus together on the task at hand which is your defense.

We understand that especially in today’s economy, many people do not have thousands of dollars easily available to hire a quality criminal defense lawyer.  We have worked with hundreds of clients to make getting the best defense possible for them.  Our clients have included countless members of the military and many, many low and middle class working people who needed help in a very scary and serious time in their lives.

Being arrested is very serious, and getting the right criminal defense lawyer may be one of the most important decisions you ever make.  San Diego Defenders is ready to work with you to make our services affordable for your DUI o criminal case.

A key to making our fees affordable is our “flat fee” policy.  We do not charge an hourly rate, you agree to pay one fee.  This lets you know how much your case is going to cost with no nasty surprises in the future.

We want to help you in your time of need.  Just because you have been arrested doesn’t mean you are a criminal.  You are presumed to be innocent and we will treat you that way.  We believe in our clients and do everything we can to protect their rights.

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